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Cloning PageCarton Repository for Contribution

9 months ago Posted By Ayoola Falola108 views in Advanced Topics , Getting Started , PageCarton Lessons Share
# move to where to want PageCarton cloned
cd ~

# clone git repo branch you want to work on
git clone -b https://github.com/pagecarton/pagecarton.git

# edit pagecarton.json and set PC_BASE to the full path to where "pagecarton" is located. 
# The "pagecarton" dir must be the directory containing the "core" directory 
nano pagecarton/core/local_html/pagecarton.json

# copy local_html files to the web root
# Use cp -r pagecarton/core/local_html/* www/sample-dir/ to install to a sub directory
# change www to location to full path to your web root
cp -r pagecarton/core/local_html/* www/

# set the right file ownership and permissions
# ideally, the pagecarton directory must be readable and writable 
# by the user running the web server.
# usually this user is www-data or apache or nginx or daemon
chown -hR www-data:www-data pagecarton

# alternatively, set global permissions  (not recommended)
# chmod -R 0777 pagecarton