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Standard Post Types Parameters in Embedding Widgets

It's good to use Standard Post Types Parameters in Embedding Widgets in themes so that when users change themes, similar posts made from previous themes can work in the theme one is building

1 yr ago Posted By Ayoola Falola213 views in Design and Layout Share
Data Type Parameters
Our Services / What we do article_type="service"
Team Members article_types="team-member" && post_type_custom_fields="position,full_name,facebook_url,twitter_url,instagram_url,linkedin_url"
Products true_post_type="product"
Blog Posts article_types="blog-post" && true_post_type="article"
Portfolio / Project  article_types="portfolio" && true_post_type="link"
Slideshow article_types="slideshow"
Testimonial article_types="testimonial" && post_type_custom_fields="position,full_name"
Metrics article_types="metric" && post_type_custom_fields="number"
Gallery article_types="gallery-item"
Features / Why choose us article_types="feature"
Pricing article_types="pricing" && true_post_type="product" && post_type_custom_fields="feature_1,feature_2,feature_3,feature_4,feature_5"
Call-to-action article_types="call-to-action" && true_post_type="link"