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6 months ago Posted By Ayoola Falola28 views in Design and Layout Share

As a global web term, a [Web] Page is referred to as a document written in HTML that is suitable to act as a web resource on the World Wide Web. The document is usually meant to be viewed through a web browser. In PageCarton however, a Page would infact mean a different thing and also it serves a slightly different purpose. In PageCarton, a page is a saved layout of content addressed through a URL. A page inherits it's layout from the defined PageCarton theme; it also inherits sets of widgets defined in the theme. A page then can have it's own widgets defined, which will formulate what will be outputed to the user when they try to access the page. 

Just like many other components in PageCarton, pages are cascaded like CSS from the core, down to the site. Some sets pages are built into the core, which ensures that a newly installed PageCarton site would have some default pages preloaded. Examples of those pages are the home/index page - "/", admin page - "/pc-admin", account page - "/account", sign in page - "/accounts/signin", etc. Default pages can be overridden by creating a page on the site with the same URL. For instance, on a new installation of PageCarton, the default homepage is shown, but when a homepage is defined in the site, it overrides the home page in the core.