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Interested in coding widgets, classes, or methods? Check out the Code section!

Standard Post Types Parameters in Embedding Widgets

It's good to use Standard Post Types Parameters in Embedding Widgets in themes so that when users change themes, similar posts made from previous themes can work in the theme one is building



Standard Replaceable Texts to use in Building Themes

It is recommended to use standard replaceable texts with their dummy contents in building themes so that users changing themes doesn't need to update new contents. Contents of the previous theme th...



Linking HTML forms to PageCarton Forms

One of the cool features of the PageCarton core is that it offers a cute interface to build forms without writing a single line of code. Though the forms generated by PageCarton are fully customiza...

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HTML Syntax & API for Embedding Widgets

In an update to PageCarton that was available from August 2020, we added a new way to create and customize PageCarton Themes. In addition to existing ways of creating ...



Cloning PageCarton Repository for Contribution

# move to where to want PageCarton cloned cd ~ # clone git repo branch you want to work on git clone -b https://github.com/pagecarton/pagecarton.git # edit pagecarton.json and set PC_BASE...



How to contribute to PageCarton Core

PageCarton is an opensource project. This in simple terms means that you get to see the codes behind the awesome features PageCarton is bringing to the web. It also means that you are able to contr...



Installing PageCarton Core to a Custom Directory

Overview Installing PageCarton by default has been made to be an easy process. Find the recommended installation instruction here "Installing PageCarton". First, this is to ensure...

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Building Plugins for PageCarton

PageCarton has an elegant plugin features. PageCarton Plugins are components that are added to a PageCarton installation to extend its capabilities. The word “plugin” and “extension” may be seen to...

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Auto Sync PageCarton Core from Another Git Repository

From PageCarton 1.8.71, it is now possible to sync one's PageCarton core with a third-party repository. In some cases, it is useful to want to connect PageCarton to one's own fork of the Pa...



Creating A Website Back-Up

Creating A Website Back-Up within PageCarton Admin Panel Step One Log in to your website Admin Panel using your website name /pc-admin (www.example.com/pc-admin)   Step Two ...

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Setting up PageCarton via Docker

PageCarton now has a few files in its GitHub repository that helps to set it up on Docker easily. If you are familiar with Docker or a newbie, you should be able to get started with PageCarton...



Steps in Creating a PageCarton Website Offline

Creating a website has now been made easy with the use of Pagecarton, it's not necessary to know much about coding. If you have your contents ready, and the style of how your website wants to...



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