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Interested in coding widgets, classes, or methods? Check out the Code section!

What is PageCarton


PageCarton is an innovative world-class tool to structure, build and manage great web sites and apps. 

Straight out-of-the-box, PageCarton has been adjudged to be more secure, faster and easier to use than most of the big names in the industry.  PageCarton also offers more features that makes it a must-have for everyone that takes ease-of-use and security seriously. This is based on feedback we have received by users who dumped other popular tools for PageCarton.

PageCarton hopes to make a statement that websites could be designed by default to curb all the security challenges that plagues the cyberspace. Web sites and apps could co-exist in a box thats easy to use and visually appealing. 

Everyone should be able to create a website by themselves. No matter their level or their level of technical knowledge, so PageCarton is constantly evolving into a tool that more people will use it comfortably with little or no help. In today's world, ideas need to find their way across the world and the web is a good way to make this seamless. When people could express themselves with a well presented creative web, ideas will find more expression and our world would be a better place.

Why PageCarton?

People frequently asked why we embarked on this project. Why do we need another web site development system/tool/framework?

1. The web is a beautiful place, but because of lack of strict regulations and indistinctive professional guidelines, it is marred with a lot of security vulnerabilities. We believe a lot of cyber-security responsibilties rest on frameworks like PageCarton to by default give the users a covering from a lot of known vulnerabilities.

2. We believe with the right mindset and culture, we can determine a better approach to how web ought to be structure and built. Saving time and resources for users whereby making the web space a better place. 

PageCarton Culture

1. Code is poetry. We want to keep PageCarton open so that people around the world could see it and be inspired by it. That is why PageCarton will forever be open-source. 

2. Code is for people, not vice versa. People will determine the extent they want to be exposed to code. We will carefully guide users through their coding journey; from beginner to advanced.

3. PageCarton is made by Good People for the Good People of the world population. Thats why The PageCarton Community is a big part of PageCarton. The people will always be the custodian of their own future and PageCarton is also be governed and influenced by vibrant members of the Community. 

4. Its a great opportunity to have PageCarton to use. That's why we will use all methods possible to spread the message about PageCarton.


Is PageCarton a Content Management System? 

PageCarton can't be called a CMS because it actually works as a CMS and more.

Is it a Framework then?

Well, PageCarton is a Framework and more. So we can't call it a Framework because when we do that, it wouldn't define the PageCarton concept.

Then what is PageCarton? 

PageCarton is PageCarton. Not, Pagecarton, pagecarton or pageCarton; its PageCarton - a tool everyone that needs to save time, resources in building web site and apps should have. There is no known name for a tool that could in definite terms be likened to PageCarton. Earlier, we have "incorrectly" called PageCarton either a CMS, Framework or similar names. We wish to cease such as we have determined such names do not define PageCarton, neither does it give it the kind of brand we hope to have for PageCarton. 



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