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HTML Syntax & API for Embedding Widgets

In an update to PageCarton that was available from August 2020, we added a new way to create and customize PageCarton Themes. In addition to existing ways of creating and customizing themes, you can now customize themes completely from the raw HTML code section using your favorite code editor. Before now, most of the theme layout design functions has been limited to the visual Page Editor in the PageCarton Admin Panel, we noticed that this has proved to be dif...

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Auto Sync PageCarton Core from Another Git Repository

From PageCarton 1.8.71, it is now possible to sync one's PageCarton core with a third-party repository. In some cases, it is useful to want to connect PageCarton to one's own fork of the PageCarton core from Github. You can do this in few easy steps: Get the direct link to the ZIP archive of the PageCarton core you would like to sync with. If you are using Github, your link should be like "https://github.com/pagecarton/pagecarton/archive/1.9.x.zip". For example, mine i...

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Documentation Article

Installing PageCarton Core to a Custom Directory

Overview Installing PageCarton by default has been made to be an easy process. Find the recommended installation instruction here "Installing PageCarton". First, this is to ensure the most secured options are set as preferred. It is best practice to ensure that system executable files are stored outside outside of the web root (e.g. htdocs, public_html, www, etc); so PageCarton by default installs all core files in a directory one step outside of the web root. It is recommen...

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How to increase PHP Upload Limit

Sometimes, one may need to upload a large file and if there is a limit in the PHP Configuration, you may not be able to use your PageCarton installation to upload large file. An example is if you want to upload a large theme, you may need to tweak your server settings to make this possible. By default, the maximum upload file size for PHP scripts is set to varying sizes. Sometimes it is set to as large as 128MB, sometimes, 2MB. However, you may want to change these limits. For example, you...

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