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HTML Syntax & API for Embedding Widgets

In a recent update to be available to the public August 2020, we are adding a completely different way to create and customize PageCarton Themes. In addition to existing ways of creating and customizing themes, you can now customize themes completely from the raw HTML code section using your favorite code editor. Before now, most of the theme layout design functions has been limited to the visual Page Editor in the PageCarton Admin Panel, we noticed that this has proved to be difficul...

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Steps in Creating a Theme

The goal of creating a PageCarton theme is to help users of PageCarton create and customize their site and apps fast and easy. Creating a PageCarton theme is a very easy process but a lot of times, we should go an extra mile so that our users can even have more customization options. Get a clean HTML-based template Get your already-designed HTML-based template file ready. lt may be a template design of your own. A template in PageCarton is simply a ZIPed html files. You may as...

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Documentation Article

Where to get Free HTML Templates to Build PageCarton Themes

Basically, any HTML based site would workcould be integrated inside PageCarton seamlessly. Any site that offers a downloadable archive of HTML templates are sites to look out for. Here are sites that provides free templates that works for building PageCarton Themes. Some sites that have templates that fits into PageCarton are below. https://themewagon.com/theme_tag/free/ https://www.free-css.com/ https://templated.co/ http://www.tooplate.com/free-templates https://html5up.n...

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