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Getting Started


Steps in Creating a Theme

The goal of creating a PageCarton theme is to help users of PageCarton create and customize their site and apps fast and easy. Creating a PageCarton theme is a very easy process but a lot of times, we should go an extra mile so that our users can even have more customization options. Get a clean HTML-based template Get your already-designed HTML-based template file ready. lt may be a template design of your own. A template in PageCarton is simply a ZIPed html files. You may as...

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Cloning PageCarton Repository for Contribution

# move to where to want PageCarton cloned cd ~ # clone git repo branch you want to work on git clone -b https://github.com/pagecarton/pagecarton.git # edit pagecarton.json and set PC_BASE to the full path to where "pagecarton" is located. # The "pagecarton" dir must be the directory containing the "core" directory nano pagecarton/core/local_html/pagecarton.json # copy local_html files to the web root # Use cp -r pagecarton/core/local_html/* www/sample-dir/ to install to a su...

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