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Installing PageCarton Core to a Custom Directory

Overview Installing PageCarton by default has been made to be an easy process. Find the recommended installation instruction here "Installing PageCarton". First, this is to ensure...

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Installing PageCarton

PageCarton is said to be one of the easiest to install among software of it's kind. Under most circumstances, installing PageCarton is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to comp...

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Installing PageCarton via Composer

If you have Composer installed on your computer, you can easily get PageCarton up by running the following commands on your command line.  # download PageCarton via composer composer c...



Different Installation Methods

There are three documented ways to install PageCarton 1. Offline Standalone Installer - http://docs.pagecarton.org/2017/10/10/installing-pagecarton.html. Default installation method. 2. Boots...



Creating A Website Back-Up

Creating A Website Back-Up within PageCarton Admin Panel Step One Log in to your website Admin Panel using your website name /pc-admin (www.example.com/pc-admin)   Step Two ...

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Steps in Creating a Theme

The goal of creating a PageCarton theme is to help users of PageCarton create and customize their site and apps fast and easy. Creating a PageCarton theme is a very easy process but a lot of t...



How to contribute to PageCarton Core

PageCarton is an opensource project. This in simple terms means that you get to see the codes behind the awesome features PageCarton is bringing to the web. It also means that you are able to contr...



Linking HTML forms to PageCarton Forms

One of the cool features of the PageCarton core is that it offers a cute interface to build forms without writing a single line of code. Though the forms generated by PageCarton are fully customiza...

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Steps in Creating a PageCarton Theme

Creating a PageCarton theme isn't actually a difficult task, but just that it might involve a long process and a little bit of how programming codes work. The main purpose of having a PageCarto...



PageCarton Features

PageCarton is an awesome tool that enables one to publish contents in an easy and well coordinated manner. PageCarton has an interesting sets of features designed to help you get started in no time...

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Database Tables

Database Tables are similar to Widgets, only that they don’t output anything. They also extends PageCarton_Table core PageCarton class. They are meant to guide the PageCarton core as to how to stor...

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Building Plugins for PageCarton

PageCarton has an elegant plugin features. PageCarton Plugins are components that are added to a PageCarton installation to extend its capabilities. The word “plugin” and “extension” may be seen to...

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